Connecting a printer to a TOP270 HMI

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Hello all,

I have a system that contains a s7 200 that communicates with TOP 270 HMI, the required data to be printed is a report chart that exists within the TOP 270.

I tried to configure a printer with the HMI, but all efforts were in vain, I tried to change the language of the printer (Epson24, Epson9, PCL,....), but I could not print out any report.

the Print function is programmed in the HMI, but it did not respond.

One of the HMIs can't define the language of the printer, the other one could not recognize the printer at all and says that the connected device needs a driver.

Is there a configuration that is needed to be done to the printer prior to connecting it to the HMI, or if I have to download a driver to the HMI?


Waiting to hear from you.

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