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Allen Bradley FLL command in Omron?

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What would be the best instruction for me to use in Omron Sysmac to act like a FLL (File FILL) command in Allen Bradley?

I have a Tag that is


I would like to set bit (array) 17 through 95 "ZERO" or "FALSE" with one function block.

Set 80 bits FALSE?

TAG_NAME[16] through TAG_NAME[95]  = 0?


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The ladder code (3 rungs) or the ST (1 block) will do what you are looking for.

Edit:  I mixed and matched the starting position of the FOR in the ladder and ST.  They would start at the same position.

You can also make your own Function to do this, using the ladder or ST shown.


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I like PMCR's method because you can clearly see the starting bit and ending bit. However, there is an equivalent instruction to the FLL that will accept the start position and length. Below, Test_Bit[0] will fill TRUE starting at bit 0 for a length of 96 bits. Test_Bit[1] will set bits 17 through 95 to FALSE as shown in the watch table.


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