Sysmac Studio cannot be used with the current license

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Hello everyone,

I have this message when I trying to open my project which I did. 

"The project includes a model that cannot be used with the current license.
The project is closed."

I recently reinstalled windows, but version of Sysmac Studio is same, License is same, but now I not be able to open my project.

I just tried to install last version of Sysmac Studio 1.25, and of course nothing changed, looks like issue with license. But again, license is same.

2019-09-05 16_18_48-Clipboard.png

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What model is the controller, and what firmware version is set in the project?

On you previous installation of Windows, had you used the Omron Automation Software Autoupdate tool to perform the free update to a newer version of Sysmac Studio?

The current version is 1.29.1.

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PLC is NX1P2-1040DT1. I don't know what the firmware version in the project, because I can't open it.

Before I had 1.20, an I installed it first, but I had this issue.

No, I didn't use Autoupdate tool.

I downloaded yesterday last available version from Omron website. It was 1.25. 

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If you want to PM the program to me, I can open it an tell you what version it is.

1.25.1 is the latest iso image.

Anything above 1.25.1 is done through the update tool.

Sysmac Studio 1.25.1 supported up through version 1.18 of the NX1P2.

Sysmac Studio 1.18 supported the next firmware version of the NX1P2, which is 1.21.

The link below shows the entire update history for Sysmac Studio.

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