indirect access to hardware inputs

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is it possible to access to hardware inputs indirect? I want to use a function like

val := read_digital(module_nr, bit_nr);


I have found this page:

which says i need to map all digital inputs by using the controller tag name to put it into an bool array.


On S7, there is this function: PEEK_BOOL(area := 16#81, dbNumber := 0, byteOffset := module_nr, bitOffset := bit_nr);


Edit: I am using CompactLogix, Studio 5000.

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Welcome to the forum.  There is no method, that I'm aware of, to indirectly address module and bits via a function like you wish without mapping it to an array or other structure first.  Module input and output definitions are unique and rarely share the same map.  There are some tricks you can do with aliasing but I don't believe it would yield the same result.

If the digital modules are of all the same type, an AOI(s) (similar to S7s FB) could be created that would do what you want.

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As far I can see, you may get the input inderctly but not the slot number. I haven't try with real plc but the following code didn't prompt any error. Wish it help



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