Klockner- Moeller PS32 - communication issue

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I need to connect to old PLC PS32. 

I have old PC with DOS nad Sucosoft S30 software and I connected to PS 3 with success. I have problem with connection to PS32.

My question are?

- for PS32 and PS316 I can use the same software Sucosoft S30  Sucos PS3 - V2.3 17.9.1993 ( suitable with CPU soft from ver. 1.0)  or different?

- communication adapter for PS32 is different than for PS 3 and it has socket for external 5VDC. Do I need to use it to connect PC-PLC 1:1?

- Communication card in PS32 - EB370.1 has 2 ports RS485 ( 0,1). To connect to PC I can use both or only f.e. "port 0"?


Thanks for clue how to establish connection






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