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Hi, Im new to the Crimson software and need to configure the communications protocol for 485 modbus and Emerson Process ROC Protocol Enhanced TCP/IP. My question is for the 485 modbus do I need to create blocks for the holding registers I need to pull off the device or can I just map the tags to the modbus address? If I need the blocks, when I create the tags and reference the modbus address is it pulling from the blocks I created?

As for the Emerson Process ROC Protocol Enhanced TCP/IP when I select it what is the Host Identification referencing? The Device under the protocol has its own Identification. Do I need to change both to the same group and unit number so it will address the device?

I have attached screen shots of the Protocol for the TCP/IP device in question. Any help would be great. Thank You



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Red Lion has an excellent support line.

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