How to connect Delta TP70P-RM1 HMI to Inovance H1U PLC?

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Hello and good day to you! I have the following problem. There was a Delta TP04G-AS2 series text panel communicating with Inovance H1U PLC through dedicated D-SUB9-to-miniDIN8 cable, using the HMI's COM1 port, which uses RS-232 protocol only. There was a LED indicator on the front of the panel which showed that the communication is established under RS-232 protocol. I decided to replace the TP04 text panel with Delta TP70P-RM1 graphics panel. I wrote a program and sent it to the panel using dedicated USB cable (the panel has USB especially for program download/upload).

And there comes the problem. The TP70P panel has the same D-SUB9 port (COM3), which unlike the TP04 uses RS-485 protocol only. It was unable for me to establish a connection between the PLC and HMI. The TP70P panel shows "Connection error: COM3:ID1" every 5 seconds. The program is properly downloaded to the HMI, appears just like it has to be, but the communiaction between the HMI and PLC still cannot be achieved. Should I change something in the PLC? Please help!

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