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I am using CX Supervisor 3.5 on a Windows 10 PC and despite all my attempts I still cant get data to log to a Access database 2002-2003. All the other PCs in my plant log ok and I have connected two Laptops to the PLC that the errant PC reads from and both log ok but this PC refuses to log. The runtime is ok but the assigned database will not go live. Can anyone help me its so frustrating.



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In addition to the previous suggestion if you're using scripting to call DBGetLastError, then also suggest looking in the Error Log.  Assuming this is a local database then check the file path to your database on the new PC is correct (and/or DSN file contents).

Do you have the Developer installed on this PC and can you "Connect" to the database from the developer?

Best Regards,

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Hi Berti,

As is the way with Supervisor sometimes. I did a completely new programme using exactly the same settings and is now logging data to the Access database. Windows 10 seems to have a few quarms with Supervisor 3.5 but hopefully things are looking better now.





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