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Dear All, 

Anybody can help me in communication between Fatek 20MAR2 & CBEH2A. The jumpers setting are JP1 is on left two pins (No password protected) & JP3 is on right two pins (forced boot operation mode). The Ethernet cable i used is type b T568. Fatek Ethernet module config software detecting module successfully (shown in attached pic) but on online PLC via ethernet cable its showing connection failed.


please help


thanks in advance

fatek ethernet.jpg

Ethernet 1.jpg

Ethernet 2.jpg

Ethernet 3.jpg

Ethernet 4.jpg

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Hi Yasir_66

Can you check in Port1 Com. Parameters

Baud Rate must be : 115200Port1.jpg.aaf06196b74c37a71d2932916d9378

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