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I have a setup where 1 NJ is connected via Ethernet cables to 5 NBs. It is working fine. However, the client has requested the devices to be connected via WiFi instead of cable. I bought 5 TP-Link WiFi Extender and disabled the extender function, so it just function as a receiver. But I am getting intermittent problem. There are some buttons in the NB that are link to the addresses in NJ, and these buttons will flicker at times at random. 

I tested this same setup back in my office too, but I get the same results. The traffic for the router is definitely not a problem because I am the only one using it. Any idea how to solve this flickering issues? Thanks a million!


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This might come as of late, but well, here are my thoughts :

As far as I understood, NB connection to NJ is by Ethernet UDP protocol, which is a connection-less protocol.
Granted that you are using WiFi which is an unreliable connection mode, there will be multiple loss of the UDP packets transmissions.

If memory serves me right, in NB whenever there is a disconnection, buttons that are linked to a PLC address will disappear.
I don't think there is any fix to this. Also, as the user manual suggest, NB is never intended to be used as a wireless device.

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