Modbus Communication between Twido and SCADA/HMI

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Hi, I've been given a couple Twido PLCs (TWDLCDE40DRF) to create and test modbus communication between devices and a HMI/SCADA software, as of now I haven't been able to work due to IT restrictions (hopefully this will be adressed in the next few days) I can't disable firewalls nor can I manage COMs ports. 

My question is, when creating a Master/Slave between a SCADA (master) and a PLC (Slave) do I need to write any code in the Twido PLC, or I just need to configure the ports/adresses to be able to read the info in the plc?

Disclaimer: English isn't my first language.


Thanks in advance.

Edit: Fixing writting.

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@Inc If you use Citect SCADA you can direct access to %M or %MW with it address such as %MW0. If you use others SCADA you can use Modbus TCP driver to connect them. Both of these methods not necessary to writing code.

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