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I realy need a help, I am stuck.
I need  to make PID temperature regulation for Mitsubishi plc fx5u in GX Works3 FBD/LD program. I don't have any modul fo temperature sensor. I use NTC resistor connected to AD. I use PID function block. I made almost all program but I don't understand two things:
1. How to input my paramerers ( Before I made matlab simulatiom of proces and I got the paramerers, Proportional gain and Integral time. problem is my P= 0.072 and ma Ti=144.82s, dont use KD. ) In manual writes;s etting range is 1 to 32767 (%) and I dont now how ti writ my value. What meant this precentage. For Ti Setting range is 0 to 32767 (x100 ms), here I need writes my time in ms?
2. I don't now how to connected my output of PID (MV) to turn on and off heater. Can I use PWM function? Or i need to use high speed timer? 

Can it make like I started or need to change all conncept?

please help me!!!!  

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