s7 300 AND WINCC flex

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Hello guys,

Hardware :

            Laptop  with step7, WINCCFLEX  ip

            CPU 315  IP

            3x 8 input modules

            3x 8 output modules

           program in OB1 :  NO CONTAT I0.0 -> COIL Q0.0

I want to create a GUI in WINCCFlex  that contains a "start" button that when it's pressed to trigger i0.0 so I can turn on coil Q0.0 via laptop not a mechanical button.

So far I created a new empty project in wincc flex. Than  I went to connections and selected Ethernet ,for wincc runtime I ve put and for station


Now in winccflex under button events I chosed  "click" and action " setbit" and selected i0.0 from step 7 project.

COMPILE AND GENERATE everything but when I click button nothing happens :(?


Any help will be much appreciated!


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If you want to use a "push button" or a "retentive button " from GUI to activate the output , you have to use a memory bit.

You may not activate directly an output from WinCC, it must be trough a memory.


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