HSC, new interrupt after Z-phase reset

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I have encoder and count pulses in mode "Differential Phase Input" - Linear mode

Every one turn I have Z-phase reset and counter starts from 0

I set some target value comparison table from D1000 for @CTBL #0000 #0000 D1000 

and it works just one to reach target value  

After PLC start and HSC reach target value for Interrupt 01 I get subroutine working, but even I reset HSC using Z-phase signal and PV goes to 0 still interrupt is activated.

I would like to start and stop interrupt during one turn of encoder and make it every one turn

Thanks for clue 




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linked threads are just for beginner. This is clear for me.

I tested some solution and it more less works.

Now I have A531.00 set to ON and hardware signal Z-phase reset encoder 

I checked that if I want to start counting pulses to target value for CTBL and get another interrupt output ON I have to initiate CTBL once again after encoder reset

The problem is timing. I set new CTBL declaration when Z-phase signal (0.04) goes off - but I make it from ladder and cycle is 7.3ms.

How I have to implement this to avoid delay from cycle time

thanks in advance 


I tried to set CTBL in subroutine (interrupt task 141) from Interrupt in direct mode ( CIO 0.05). My idea was to connect Z-phase to CIO0.04 ( encoder reset) and CIO0.05 - CTBL registration), but in such a configuration CTBL doesn't work 

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