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Restore work after sysmac crash

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Im working hard preparing for my final examination as an electrician. My project run on the omron NX1P2.

While I was trying to figure out why my program wasn't behaving as I expected I disconnected the power, figuring maybe it needed a restart.

So sysmac crashed on my PC, and when I try to transfer my project from the PLC sysmac say nothing to update. Shouldn't the NX1P2 remember my program after a power "failure" ?

School is closed for the weekend so I can't work with the PLC before Monday. If the PLC somehow lost my program, is there any chance to restore from a temp. auto save or something?

I think Omrons definition of download and upload is a little confusing. When I transfer from my PC to the PLC sysmac show a download message. In my head from PC to PLC is upload, by maybe that is just me....

So on monday if I try sysmac backup feature should i backup or restore the PLC? Im guessing its backup, but I would like to know for sure.

Any help would be very appreciated. I have been working 10-12 hours for a week and if I cant restore my program I will most likely fail my exam, so please help me.

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If the software says there's nothing to update - guessing you are using the compare tool - then maybe there's nothing to update.

Anyway, I have experienced weird behavior too - specially working online with the first Sysmac release - and I ultimately had to DOWNLOAD everything but the unit configuration to the PLC and cycle power.

You can connect directly to the PLC in the splash screen and make a new project grabbing all the data from it. After connecting it will ask you to read the data and it will tell you the current project will be closed and a new one will be created. This gets everything from the PLC.

Sysmac also keeps a register of your project whenever you save. You can see the project history in the open project window, sorted by date.

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