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I am trying to create new pages on a pre-existing GOT. Within the GOT there is a screen that displays a list of part numbers to be selected. Like the image below;



As of current, there are 10 pages with 10 part numbers in each page (Total = 100 part#). I want to create one more page for 10 more part numbers but I can't figure out how the pre-existing logic switches from page to another within the screen or how I would add more page to the GOT screen? Below is the ladder logic of how the screen switches from one page to another.





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Looks Like D301 is used for the Page number to be displayed.

If I look at the program only 10 pages exist with page number 0..9. In  line 591 just change to 9 to a 10 so the next page will be displayed at the top.

Now they are using index to display the part number so they will need to be set in the program.
So for page 9 which exist part number 1 would be at (page 9 * 100 = 900) Z12 => R1000Z12 would mean R1900 
SO for page 10 which you want to have 10*100 = 1000 for Z12 so part 1 would be R1000Z12 => R2000.

A problem might be that this adres might already be used.





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