GX Works2 Structured Text Not Working

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Hi. Newbie PLC user here.

I wrote a test program in structured text using GX Works2. Everything works in simulation.

(* === SIMPLE === *)
Y0 := X0;

(* === COUNTER === *)
counter( RESET:=X2, CV:=counterValue, CU:=X1, PV:=3 );
Y1 := counter.Q;

(* === TIMER === *)
timer( IN:=X3, PT:=T#2s, Q:=Y2, ET:=timerValue );

On an actual hardware FX1N, only Y0 := X0 works.

I inspected the compiled program and it shows "CALL P30" and "CALL P31".

1. Do I need to take extra steps to load some libraries?
2. How do I view the automatically added function blocks to make sure it was indeed loaded?



test ST.gxw

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