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I have a customer that wants to use a Banner DXM700. Has anyone use one of these before or close to it? I download the free software but having a hard time figuring out how program it.




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I have configured dozens of DX80 gateways over the years, mostly mapping AI’s to AO’s, DI’s to DO’s.  It was straight forward with the software.

Then came the DXM100.   I bought one to try and after a day’s effort at trying to get the DXM onboard AO to ’follow’ the node radio AI, I gave up.   The factory, which used to have superb support, blew me off. 

The DXM100 was supposed to offer cellular communications and my guess is that Banner packed a whole bunch of programming features into it that the DX80’s did not have, especially in light of their marketing push into the agriculture markets (irrigation, soil moisture).  In that move, they made a gateway that won’t handle a 4-20.   Good for them.

I didn’t bother to compare the DXM100 vs the DXM700 and I couldn’t find an on-line comparison chart.  

Out of curiosity, why does yourclient want a particular brand/model wireless gateway?

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