How to reset the program to re-start scanning in FP0-C14rs

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Hi Everyone -  I need your input - I created an LD program for a 5 Alarm system - The system is divided into 2 parts - 1st part the absent of signal (24v) (input X4) triggers a general Alarm (Y5) and start a timer - 2nd part - After Timer has been completed - I am resetting 3 relays - R11 - to remove the input signal (X4) and this way - allow my equipment to trigger the alarm that originated the problem (Y4). R2 - To reset my general alarm output (Y5) and Y5 - To reset the general output. . What this does it allows my Equip to finish processing by enabling (Y5) and then trigger the true alarm (Y4) - by removing the signal.. 

However - What I noticed is that when the timer has elapsed. R11 is energized and removes the signal from Y4 - which is what I want! - My question is in order to reset the timer or restart the program once my Equipment has been fix - Is resetting the PLC - RUN-PRG-RUN is correct (Good Practice) or is it something by code that I can include?

The Picture shows one alarm - the are 5 of this - basically the same setup w/ different timers

Thanks in advanced for your feedback


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