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This was posted first in the Mitsubishi forum, but was apparently moved to this category because I'm willing to pay for help with the project. It is a Mitsubishi FX3G PLC.

Original post:

I just joined the forum. We have a small project redesigning a laser pipe cutting machine recently purchased new. I am looking for someone experienced to help and willing to pay for time. I will be learning as quickly as possible but the first step on this project is time sensitive.

A quick description: the laser machine was touted as having a cut length accuracy of +/- .002".(our product is +/-.007")  However, it has a pull collet chuck instead of a push collet (dead length). The pull collet drags the pipe away from the length stop as it tightens and never hits exactly the same, giving us around +0, /-.030" accuracy. We designed a new chuck and it is sitting on the bench waiting for motor programming. We are using a ClearPath SDSK nema 34 servo which operates as SD for chuck rotation. The plc is FX3G 24MT-ES and I purchased an extra used unit for setup and practice.

I purchased GX Works 2 and am trying to figure the correct wiring and programming, but don't want to spend weeks guessing, I'll have time to study later. 

If anyone interested can PM me, I can pass motor specs, etc. 





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