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Hi all.

I have task to change old cx-supervisor project v1.x which was worked on 1280x1024 resolution monitor.

Now I need to upgrade to version 3.5, with monitor resoultion 1920x1080.

I see in runtime settings->screen size option rescale checked, but my screens stay the same...

Is there easy way to rescale screen and objects on screen to bigger resolution?!

Thanks in advance,


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The so called "Rescale" thing is a buggy feature which won't work in most cases. (One of many bugs this program have :-2)
Your best bet is to resize all pages manually :shifty:

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Funny, I never found any problem with resize feature, and use it extensively exactly for this reason. If you set the "Screen Size" to the expected Runtime size, then the runtime appears best (sharper/less scaling blur). Also as Runtime IPCs are usually lower res, it means in development most of the screen still fits on the (larger) dev monitor which is handy. But you could still set the "Screen Size" to dev resolution - either way when maximised that entered size will be scaled to the actual screen size.

Milos: I'd love to comment if you have any screen shots on the settings and effect? If you can get it working it could save you ages editing many pages !!


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