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Hi everyone!

I'm having a hard time looking for an easy way to understand on how to configure a Mitsubishi Q64AD for additional input parameters and how to know how many spare points or channels left. If anyone have experience on this stuff, please reply on this thread. Thanks.

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@Olyn For quick installation summarize as instructions.

1. Check at this link below for Q64AD manual.


2. For Q64AD they use 16 points that means if Start XY are 0000 they use X/Y 0000 to 000F


3. Check at Intelligent Function Module and go to switch setting and adjust input range to match with input type.


4. Data that convert to PLC digital value follow by page 27 at manual (such as 4 - 20 mA, 4 mA = 0, 20 mA = 4000)


5. Select Auto_Refresh and put data device that need to receive analog input value in Digital output value for each channel.


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