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Help needed with MM430

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Hi everyone,

Now I used Micromaster 430 controlled by a PLC. I set parameters as follows:

P0010: 0 

P0100: 0

P0700: 2 (using BOP-2)

P0701: 1 (start)


Terminal 3+4: Connected to Analog output of the PLC 

Terminal 5: connected to 24V via a relay which is controlled by the PLC

DIP switch1 on (analog input1 with 0-20mA)

When I turn on the relay to power to terminal 5, the inverter runs about 5 seconds, then stop automatically while terminal 5 is still powered.

There are no fault and no alarm. I checked the parameter P0947 and P2110 with value 0.

Especially, when I set P0700 = 1 (using Start button in Panel), the inverter runs well without stop automatically.

Please give me some solutions.


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