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HEY, I'm kinda working on my own label machine and i am stuck on deriving its speed. I have already set the interrupt and acceleration parameters. but the problem i am facing is that i can't understand the ddvit's output pulse and output frequency relation to speed. If you guys know something, please do help.
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What exactly is "going wrong"? You say you are struggling with DDVIT, what is happening when you give it a try? Also, you say you are struggling with deriving speed, but the DDVIT is not deriving speed, it is "generating" speed so to say... What are you trying to position, and from where are you getting the position pulse signal? Basically the speed which you are referring to is the S2 parameter (Pulse Output Frequency)... It will determine how many pulses per second are sent to the physical output (Y). It would as mentioned help a lot if you can explain what you have done so far, and where/what is failing.

And also: Are you using a Main Unit, or a special adapter for the output? Please specify the hardware you have.

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