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We have some systems which utilize TIA Portal V13  (CPU S7-1200).   We currently have a Siemens HMI (TP-700 Comfort) on the system.  I am looking to add an additional HMI to do some statistical gathering.  I am contemplating a Proface.   My question is this:  Must the HMI be added to the TIA project as well?  I tried importing tags into GP ProEX (Proface software) but was unable to.   Any other PLC I have worked with never required addition of an HMI to the project itself, but from what I have read and heard, any HMI's must be added to the TIA project.  Is this the case? 

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Thanks Excalibulles.  I have a copy of the Proface/Schneider manual, but it doesn't really answer my particular question, although it alludes to the answer that I do need to add the HMI to the project.  I am trying to confirm that however, via someone who has experience.    

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