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can anybody tell me tricks to tune a PID process in mitsubishi plc . .

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Based on the information you have provided I can give a general note:

  1. Tune the P value (without I and D)
  2. Tune the I time (without D)
  3. Consider if D time is needed, if so then tune it

On a general note, PID tuning in general is almost impossible to do via a forum or in messages. You need to tune it on-site, live. The whole point of a PID regulator is to be dynamic and usable in most different processes. Therefore they always need to be tuned according to the specific process. But as a tip you should start with switching off (0) I and D and tune in P so that the process is highly responsive but not over-response. It will never be spot on the setpoint since you're missing I but it will be stable above or below (depending on processvalue direction), and should be stable there. After P is tuned good, then adjust I to a time that makes the process tune spot on the setvalue during an acceptable amount of time. Sometimes D can also be used to more efficiently achieve the setpoint in processes where you have sudden "large" deviations in processvalue.

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