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Mitsubishi iQ-R connection

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I am working on the project with Mitsubishi equipment. This is my first contact with Mitsubishi and I must admit that more terrible support I have never experienced. I have few components as robot controllers, Keyence vision and Omron safety PLC and I am going to connect them R04CPU PLC processor. I am wondering if there is a way to connect them through the CPU's internal port or I have to buy an Ethernet/IP module.

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Hi Andrew.

Welcome to the forum.

I have not worked on the iQR Series yet, however from what I read; your quickest and easiest method would be to purchase an Ethernet/IP Module for this task- as both Omron and Keyence offer direct compatibility using this protocol.

Having used Keyence laser and barcode hardware with ControlLogix I can vouch that it is very straightforward to use.

Out of interest...why are you using 2 PLCs for your Standard & Safety?, you may be able to map your data between them across a standard ethernet TCP connection; however the actual safety telegrams; you will have to use an approved industrial protocol (such as Profibus/Profisafe or something equivalent). 






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Hi and welcome! I'm sorry you are facing issues with the Mitsubishi support in your region, I guess it differs where we are located in the world...

Anyhow, regarding your specific question, you will need an Ethernet/IP module for doing Ethernet/IP protocol. However, I'm a bit unsure if you're talking about the protocol Ethernet/IP, or if you are talking about Ethernet in general. Would you please specify what it is you need?

  • Ethernet/IP is a specific protocol, and can be compared to ModbusTCP or similar protocols.
  • Ethernet is a defined way of transferring data (or upper layer protocols if you wish).

The reason I'm asking is if you need Ethernet/IP you will need the specific Ethernet/IP module for that protocol. However, if you wish to transfer data via Ethernet you may be able to use the CPU Ethernet port (for light load), or alternatively a dedicated Ethernet card.

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