Network Configurator and Sysmca Encoder Sick

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Hello all.

i am new with this plc. I have created a message to send to my device via network configurator everything works properly. I asked if there is the same possibility to send the message through Sysmac Studio I enclose the photo. My device is Encoder Sick AFM60A, it is for setup preset.
with Allen Bradley i use send message. we have the same possiblity with Omron?

Thx all

Send Encode Preset.png

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Yes. Here is a sample of a Get_Attribute_Single for a Schneider MDrive. Some things to note: 

The ClassID, InstanceID and AttributeID are expecting a UINT for the _sREQUEST_PATH structure. Typically they are noted in Hex.

The 02\ before the IP address is a pointer to the Built In Ethernet port.

You'll have to look up the Service Code for the service you wish to use. In the example below 0Eh is Get_Attribute_Single. 10h is Set_Attribute_Single. In Logix5000 you can select your service type via the drop down box. It will automatically populate the Service Code field.



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