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Hi Guys!

I have a problem.  I have a leaser sensor, I already set the sampling frequency to 0,1 s. So 1 second I will get 10 data. I need to use the average of the datas. My problem is I dont know how can I solve that, after the 10. data every new data I have to  recount, the last 10 data's average. I think maybe I have to use the FFL instrucion or something like that. I need to solve this problem in ladder diagram.

I use RS-logix 5000 software.

Anyone can help me?  Unfortunatelly I havent the the software, so I cant show you what am I think.   

Maybe the sliding window solution is the right, or is it not related to this? Im a bit confused.

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So you want to collect the average?, or?..

Why not use a 100ms pulse to catch 10 datas then divide the sum by 10? 

So then the average updates every second...

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If you want your average to be updated every 0.1s with the 10 most recent samples, set up an array of 10 elements and use a COP instruction.

I created an array called SAMPLES, DINT[10], and wrote some code to increment the data source every 50ms. The rung you see below executes every 100ms.

This will copy element 1 into element 0, then element 2 into element 1, and so on until it copies element 9 into element 8. You would then use a MOV (or whatever) to grab your current sample and store it in element 9. In this arrangement, element 0 will have the oldest sample and element 9 the newest. You can then average the 10 elements in the array.



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