Send and Receive Data from CP1H+CIF41 and NJ101

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Hi All,

I am new with PLCs. Currently I have a project that required me to send a 12 alphanumeric (2D code scanned) from multiple CP1Hs to NJ101. Then NJ101 will directly send the data into a SQL (haven't made yet).

So basically, there are a few hurdle that I face.

1) How send data from CP1H to NJ101.

 - I have tried using _CPU010_SendData from CP1H but I'm not sure how to do the ladder or what to use on sysmac (NJ101) side. Btw, I really not familiar with sysmac.

 This is the first project that I use sysmac.

 - I have read about TCP IP, Fins/UDP and Fins/TCP but I'm not familiar with those method.

2) How to confirm that NJ101 has received the data from CP1H

3) How to arrange the data received from CP1H into SQL

- This one I have a sample program that I can follow from my colleague.

4) Setting up a dummy SQL server just for the sake of testing.

- I don't have any idea on this. I anyone have an application or software that can used to test the database function, please let me know.


Your helps are greatly appreciated!


Thank you!


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