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Gents!  I do not have the time to scan thousands of prior transactions related to the scanner module.  My question actually has to do with programming related TO the scanner but NOT ABOUT the scanner.

I have a Panelmate Power Series 5000 touchscreen I am translating to another brand of touchscreen.  The touchscreen connects to a remote 5/04 via the scanner's network.  Some of the indicators in the touchscreen use data from the remote PLC.  My question is: what does the following lamp tag mean?

S:15 = 2819 * QMS, N7:12/0 + S:15 = 2820 * QMS, N7:20/0

I LOOKS like I need to fetch the remote bits N7:12/0 and N7:20/0, then AND them together to yield an ON or OFF state.

Here is one related to a numerical display:

S:15 - 2819 * QMS, N7:17 + S:15 = 2820 * QMS, N7:25

THIS one looks like I need to add two values together.

"QMS" is the name of the remote 5/04 PLC.  I know that S:15 is an address-relates value in the 5/04 CPU

What are the answers? (While awaiting your wisdom, I will assume that my guess is correct and move forward.)

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I'm not sure about the *QMS part but the S:15 is split into low byte and high byte where the low byte contains the NODE number of the Processor and the high byte contains the baud rate of the com port, is the QMS a symbol for a memory store?


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Perhaps I need to backtrack a bit.  The touchscreen I am working with (One of three in the system) only directly communicates to the PLC called "QMS."  The QMS PLC, in turn, uses DH+ to read 10 words of data from each of two other PLCs (N25:0 to N25:9).  Those remote PLCs also read 10 words of data from the QMS PLC (N25:10 to N25:19).  The programs in the two remote PLCs are %99.9 identical.

Since the touchscreen only directly interfaces to it's designated PLC, why does it need the tag format I included earlier?  I do notice that the data requested in the display tag is within the rang of the memory of the QMS PLC.  Other tags using internal PLC memory do not use the "S:15" prefix.  My guess is that the touchscreen is querying the remote PLCs for information outside the range of the Peer-to-Peer link already in place.

What does the 19 in "2819 mean?  If it is the address or node number of one of the remote PLCs, where do I find that value?  I've looked through every configuration screen I can find in RsLogix and can't identify a "19" or "20" any node number entry.

Is my guess that the touchscreen is requesting data outside the Peer-to-Peer link valid?

I just saw your second reply.  Also posting to PLCTalk is a good idea.  Thank you.

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