Upload Program and Verify Mismatch in Gx works 2

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Hi Everyone

I modify the program on gx works 2 (in the program somewhere was programmed by FB) then downloaded some program to Plc (Q06UDEH) but then I accidentally deleted that program on my PC and I took the program that was not modified before( original program ) and upload from PLC when uploading finished I made Verify but the program was uploaded  Mismatch with PLC as picture below. Now I do not know how to get my original program (have FB and comment) and upload the program from Plc and Verify to match with Plc? please help me!


No Match.PNG

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Comments are not normally downloaded to the CPU. All code is compiled, so FB's are normally a logical view of the code. So if you have no correct source code, or backup of source code then you basically have two options:

  1. Upload the latest source code from the CPU, and start adding comments to that (FB's and/or structured ladder will be lost)
  2. Use the latest available source code from your computer, and modify it the way it was supposed to be

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Thanks Kaare_t


If I use the software Gx works 2 and Read from Plc and Verify will match with  plc but in this case  unfortunately all FB in the program is lost completely.

If I use original program and modify to That program Match with Plc so I have to spend a lot of time

so do you know how to use the original program and upload override the original program and the program is uploaded have FB and fully Match with plc


Thanks for your help

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