GT2310 <--> F800 communication error, communication is established

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Hi everybody,

I have a GT2310 communicating with the Mitsubishi F800 VFD.

I am using the Freqrol 800 communication driver, connected to the RS-485 terminals of the GOT and on the F800.

The comm settings are the same on both devices.
I also tried to use the “auto negotiation” setup.

I have communication between the two devices.

I can read and write to F800 registers.



The GT designer diagnostics is complaining about a communication error in the system alarms. The error can be reset but it will appear again.


This also happened when I created a new, empty project where just the communication was setup as described above.


Did anyone experienced the problem and how to troubleshoot / solve this?


Best regards

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Thanks Gambit.

This project helped a lot.

The setup looks pretty much the same.

I´m using Station number 0-1 instead of 0-0 but I´m not refering to any 0-0 Register.

I didn´t get any communication error with the attached project but once of a sudden  I got a communication error once of a sudden.

I´ll verify cabling and work my way trought.

Thank you!


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