ss3018 Connectio PLC, HMI, MODBUS, and Thermocouple

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hello everybody, can anybody help me?

I have PLC= Q03UDVCPU, HMI=  HAKKO-FUJI electric V9100iC, Modbus sielco= SS3018 and thermocouple Type K.
I want to making trend in HMI cotinuously with TC type K and modbus SS3018. I attact what connecting I have to do.. but I dont understand what should I insert address in configuration trend on HMI. I've checked address with modbus poll (SS3018 with uport rs485 to TC type K), and I get address number 14 which stored the data result of temperature..
what should I setting for connected the TC to HMI?

25102018 1.jpg


25102018 2.jpg

25102018 3.jpg

25102018 4.jpg

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On 10/25/2018 at 9:12 PM, gclshortt said:


Real Time Trends must read from consecutive channels in the PLC. Historical trends must be logged on a server or local storage and then viewed.
Please see the manual above under Trends.

This may help you out.

thankyou mr garry..

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