Omron G5 Servo Drive Rotary Mode

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 Hi all.

I have a question about how to set up the motor in rotary mode.

My application will be a basic rotary table driven by a servo motor without gearbox between.

So, in my servo drive axis settings, I select the motor as a rotary mode.

then I defined the maximum position setting value for 360 degrees, and minimum to 0. So far so good.

But the problem comes when I want to make an absolute move using the mc_moveAbsolute to move 360 degrees.

Whit this settings the error "target position settings out of range " will come up.

So, what is the solution to rotate 360 degrees without generating this error?

if I set up the maximum value to 361 degrees and then if I rotate 360 the error will not occur and the motor will rotate 360 degrees as I aspected, but it's this correct ? or there is another way to do it?



rotary mode.jpg

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You can't make an absolute move to 360, because it's also 0.  Move to zero.  Your move function block will have an input called Direction where you can tell it which direction to rotate.

Or do an incremental move of 360 degrees to move one full revolution.


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