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I am definitely a newbie in the world of PLC's. So I hope this doesn't sound like a dumb question.

I do the electrical design for PLC's and have only done this for a few short months. I am currently working with a Point IO PLC. This is the first one I've seen. Because of the qty. of input and output modules, we had to add 1734-FPD and 1734-EPAC to boost the power. Easy enough, I get that. I bring power to the 1734-AENTR.....then, do I hard wire to the next module, or are the next adjoining input/outs connected view the internal power bus?

Same question goes for the 1734-FPD and 1734-EPAC. I understand to bring power to those devices, but do I hard wire to the first module or is it automatically connected via internal power bus?

I have done my research before I posted on this site. I think some of the installation manuals for these devices are conflicting., I think that's why I'm so confused.

Thoughts? Does anyone know of a good trusted manual for such a question. Thanks in advance

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