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Hello everyone!

I have problem with understanding the usage/principle of operation of parameter "Mark detection number". 

In manual i read: "The number of mark detections is stored.
"0" clear is executed at power supply ON.
Continuous detection mode: 0 to 65535 (Ring counter)
Specified number of detection mode: 0 to 32
Ring buffer mode: 0 to (number of buffers - 1)
Refresh cycle: At mark detection"

My question is which mark detections are stored? Servo detects some kind of marks?

I am novice in servo programming, please explain in the easiest way.

Thanks for help.

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Well  think the catalog description is best:

Based on the data latched by the mark detection function (current position latch*), a target position is compensated by being
written in the point table.
* When the mark detection signal turns on, a current position will be latched, and the latched data will be read with the communication function.

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