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Hello all,

I would like to ask about the best transmitter to measure the level of a diesel tank. the tank is 2.5m high and 1.85m in diameter.

I was thinking of pressure transmitter, however, it is not clear for me how to convert pressure to level or to liters.

Your help is highly appreciated.


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First of all, Diesel is hazardous so I would suggest contacting a distributor of sensor equipment to get a suitable sensor for your application. When that is said, you can mostly use any kind of sensor and just calculate the level in the tank. To take an example with a pressure transmitter you would need to know the min/max level of the pressure transmitter, and calculate what level of pressure corresponds with what level of height in the tank.

Example water: Sensor 0-10bar equals 0-10m of water (regardless of diameter in tank). Diesel has a different viscosity and would be a little different...

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