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this should be simple and i have done it before with no issues.

i simply want to add a button on screen to turn a bit on in the PLC. i added the signal in the point editor and all the settings are the same as a button i have added before.

i have added the button on the mimic, done a bit of script to control it as before.

i have recompiled the runtime.

if i try and use the button, the signal does not change in the PLC. if i force the signal in the PLC, the colour of the button will not change either. everything else works perfectly fine including the button i added in a month or so ago.

any ideas what i have missed? im sure its something stupid!


many thanks



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really odd one.

day 3 of trying this and i had another look about. found a utility on the taskbar which allowed you to monitor and change point values. did this with the signal that i was having trouble with and this managed to change the signal.

the SCADA button now works as it should?

did i miss something when adding the button and me using that utility forced it to work?

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Hi Dunc,

Do you mean the SYSMAC Gateway Console, and the Tag Monitor? The only thing that is likely is that you IP address changed or port needed to be opened. 

For SGW comms this tool should be your first diagnostic step. 

Glad you got it working,



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