CX-Supervisor - where are the users/passwords stored

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I've added users in CX-Supervisor Developer, built and copied the SR3 file over but the new users don't travel with it. (I didn't think they should be embedded in the project file.)

How do I transfer the user accounts from Developer to Runtime?

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Hi T,

Yes, I think the design time users and passwords ARE stored in the SR2/SR3 Runtime file. 

However, when you make edits at runtime (like some user updates his password) I know it is saved in .udb file. I assumed this was just the changes, but maybe it is the whole user db. So if you have a .udb file try renaming it so it doesn’t override the built database. 

P.S. if you copy the udb file back to the developer then when you re-open the project it says something like “do you want to load the updates back into the project?”  so that all those new passwords can be kept ;-)



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