Z-value extension to register addresses on PLC program Qseries

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We have a QSeries PLC. Q25HCPU. We also have a PLC program. We found that the address registers (also known as device addresses) attain a z-value added next to it - automatically over time. We are not sure why this is the case. Nonetheless, when these values get added (by the PLC - not the engineering software), some of the functions in the PLC doesn't work. We found that by formatting the CPU, and reloading the program, allows for the system to work again (temporarily) for a few weeks, up until this problem occurs again. This problem occurs across various CPUs (eliminating the potential for hardware problems.

These z values can be seen when a program comparison is done. (see attached file).

The questions become;

1. What is the function of these values? (why does the PLC add them?

2. How can they be permanently removed?

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