Clearing an Array in RSLogix

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I'm having a tough time clearing the entirety of an array. I've tried using the copy function, the clear, the fill and the the file synchronous copy functions. I'm solely trying to copy 0's into the entirety of a 20 tag array. Example Tag[0] to tag[20]. I saw another thread here: http://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?/topic/14678-clearing-an-array-in-rslogix-5000/ 

However, that didn't help me. Anyone have any shortcuts here? 
Thanks so much in advance!

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I'm sure this is not the smoothest way to do this but 

I would use indirect addressing and when I push the clear button the index counter will scroll through the tags one scan at a time every scan add one to the Indexing_Counter till it reaches 20 then stop adding to Indexing_Counter            

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The COP instruction will work if you have a second array of all zeroes, then you could do this:

Source	ZeroArray[0]
Dest	Tag[0]
Length 	20

The FLL instruction works like this:

Source	0
Dest	Tag[0]
Length	20

COP works for a full array into a full array but doesn't work for a single element into an array. The FLL works for that.

Here's how I tested this:


The SeedArray rung puts numbers into the Tag array while the other 2 rungs both clear it.


Also, FYI, this would get more traffic in the Allen Bradley sub-forum.

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