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Hi all im trying to establish communication with a powerflex 4M via the DH485 port on the drive and using Drive explorer software I've downloaded from the Rockwell site on my laptop it doesnt look like these are Ethernet ready as i cant manually enter an IP address .... can anyone throw me a bone here?

kind regards Glenn

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The dated PowerFlex 4M has an Ethernet-type RJ45 port, but this is a RS-485 port (DSI).  Ethernet/IP was not commonly utilized when the 4M was rolled out.

If you can connect to your system without Ethernet/IP, programming is done via the keypad.

If you want to physically connect to the drive, you will need either DriveExplorer or DriveExecutive and a serial converter (#22-SCM-232).  Also known as "The Anaconda".

You can add a DSI interface module to your panel to convert the 4M RS-485 (DSI) port to Ethernet/IP.

Or you can add an Ethernet/IP communication board to the PowerFlex 4M VFD, the #22-COMM-E.

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thank you for that detailed info it turns out the 22-SMC-232 is now obsolete and no longer available from many online stores, i use alot of powerflex 525's to read and wright data to and from the plc's via Ethernet using multihop and was hoping for a cheaper alternative as these drives aren't going to be doing a great deal but still wanted to be able to remote access them and the plc's write recipe parameters but buying an Ethernet adapter will put the price up into the 525 price range and im looking at buying 40+ units over the space of a year or so you can understand why id like to keep the price down


kind regards

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