ScadaPack 314 Counter Inputs

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I have a project using ScadaPack 314 and I am coming up 2 discrete inputs short. Question is can the counter inputs be utilized as discrete inputs?

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I see you already put a question on the Schneider SCADAForum. Here's another thread from the same forum that answers your question. http://telemetry.schneider-electric.com/id3/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=33&threadid=1619&highlight_key=y&keyword1=counter%20digital%20input

The short answer is no. The best you could do is use it for rising edge detection (so you could use if for something like a start button, where the count increments every time the button is pressed).

You can use any of the Expansion I/O modules, which are connected using a (provided) ribbon cable. If you want to conserve panel space, the 5414 Compact Digital Input Module would be a good choice.

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