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Step7 with ACS800 via Profibus DPV0 PPO Type 5

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I'm sorry, guys, but I wouldn't be asking if I hadn't dedicated about 12 hours to this already. Long story short: ACS800 with RPBA-01 Profibus Adapter and RTAC-01 Pulse Encoder Interface. All we send to the drive (aside from CW permissives) is a position reference, and I believe the DriveAP functions execute how the drive will achieve that position. My final aim is to separate the encoder from going back to the drive, to instead going to a FM350-1 Counter module.

I'm following someone elses work that is long gone, has been changed multiple times, and comments are almost non-existent.

Where I'm stuck is understanding the data coming from the drive and being sent to it.

PPO Type 5; DPV 0. In Step7, I have a DB for 20 bytes of data to drive and another DB for 20 bytes received from drive.

I understand (with respect to data from drive) that it should be: SW; ACT; PZD3...PZD10 (10 x 2 byte Words).

But, when I looked through all the settings in the group 51 parameters, the values in the form of (xxyy; index then subgroup; ex: 106 is parameter 1.06) don't seem to exist in the ACS800 Firmware manual.

PZD 3 OUT: 7 --- PZD3 IN: 6

PZD 4 OUT: 8 --- PZD4 IN: 10

PZD 5 OUT: 0 --- PZD5 IN: 106

PZD 6 OUT: 0 --- PZD6 IN: 0

PZD 7 OUT: 0 --- PZD7 IN: 611

PZD 8 OUT: 0 --- PZD8 IN: 612

PZD 9 OUT: 0 --- PZD9 IN: 701

PZD 10 OUT: 0 --- PZD 10 IN: 706

The manual says parameter values 1-99 refer to a "Data Set" and each number specifies a certain word in a Data Set. For example, PZD3 IN: 6 refers to Data Set 2 Word 3, which is defined by paramater 92.03. But, that turns up something about short circuit protection, when what my DB value is displaying a distance (from a linear string pot encoder) that matches what the mill is actually at. The ACS800 manual says Data Set Actual Signal words are defined in Group 92. So I looked there:

92: DS Transmit (From Drive) --- 90: DS Receive (From PLC)

92.01: Status Word (Fixed) --- 90.01: 4501

92.02: 103 --- 90.02: 4309

92.03: 402 --- 90.03: 4505

92.04: 412 --- 90.04: 1

92.05:106 --- 90.05: 3

92.06: 0

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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