Cloud, Simple Practical Applications – On industrial automation, process control and distributed real-time systems

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There have been many good discussions on the applicability of cloud-based solutions for manufacturing and process control systems. On one side, some people have concerns regarding security and control of the information, on the other side, there are identified benefits enabled by cloud systems. From VMS minicomputers to DOS and Windows, from ArcNet to Ethernet, it is inevitable the industrial automation systems shall adopt the technologies that are getting predominant in IT general use; the current environment that I am calling the “Cloud-iPad era” is no different; therefore the practical discussion is not if those new technologies will be applied in the industrial environment, but how. This paper is not intended to join the conceptual discussion about the cloud, but just to present a few simple practical examples, where cloud technologies are already enhancing industrial automation solutions and enabling new business opportunities.


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I am new here too , I would like to know cloud networking server and clients communication with PLC ( Omron ). I do want to know on MES 42 Q System ( Manufacturing Execution System ) interfacing with PLC ( Omron ), no idea which material out there avaiable to read and mind to share doccuments or leading to a link who can help. 

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