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Mitsubishi GOT27* Writing to Allen Bradley local tags (program tag)

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Hi everyone,

I just want to layout the structure of the question.

I have a GOT2000 (GT27* series) that I have hooked up and communicating with an Allen-Bradley PLC. I have established connection and can pull out certain tags values from the PLC program in RSLogix 5000. While I can read the tag values, I cannot modify them (in certain conditions). 

So let say that I have a User-Defined Structure named "Smoke_Detector" and here are it's available members:



  - ON_TIME (DINT) * DINT in Allen-Bradley but Signed Binary 32

  - Battery_Life (REAL) 

My question is that while I can read and display the tag and its members through the following:

  - LAMP for Smoke_Detector.ALARM

  - Numerical Display for both Smoke_Detector.ON_TIME and Smoke_Detector.Battery_Life

But when I tried to modify the values via a Bit Switch or Numerical Input, it does not operate on them. 

However, if these tags are members are just standalone tags, meaning that they are not within a UDT in RSLogix 5000, then I can operate/ modify them just fine. 

Here are the things that I have tried:

* Making sure that the permission are set to Read/ Write in RSLogix 5000

* Making sure that the tag definition in GT Designer 3 follows the structure where @[channel]:[Network #]:[Station #]::[Tag instance and member (e.g Smoke_detector is the instance and Alarm is member]

Any possible insight and input are appreciate! 

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