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I would like to turn a servo motor (slave) relative to the motion of a slide.  The slide will be moved with a hydraulic cylinder.  I would like to attach a linear encoder to the slide and make that encoder the master.  The manual only shows a connection between two servo motors.  I assume that this can be done with just one and an encoder?

Does anyone know if there are any specific requirements? 

Most linear scales are 5v.  Does it need to be 24v?

I don't know much about encoders but the manual shows connection points for A+, A-, B+, and B-.  Seems straight forward enough.......(famous last words)

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Upfront motion application design questions:  How will this master-slave relationship work, overall?  The scope of operation is not defined.  What is your motion resolution accuracy specification?  Resolution accuracy spec may or may not be capable.  How is the hydraulic cylinder controlled?  In order to slave a K300 servo controller, commanded with motion instructions, to a hydraulic cylinder, the cylinder control will need to be via a motion command, also.  

Once the scope of operation is known, then research the motion commands needed.  Pull down the Logix/Studio Motion Instructions Reference Manual (Chapter 2, Motion Move Instructions).  From what I read...MAG (motion axis gearing) is probably the ticket.  Master (hydraulic cylinder control output with encoder position feedback input) is slaved to K300 servo motor.  In this fashion, whenever the Master is commanded, the Slave is commanded per the gear ratio.

After you have scope and motion figured out, then it is onto determining the encoder feedback.  There are a number of encoder types for different applications.  Refer to the attached.

Understanding Encoders.pdf

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