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FLL Instruction - RSLogix 5000

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My problem is this:

I'm using a UDT Array to store and calculate scrap quantities for individual stations on our machines. Every lot I clear those arrays using an FLL. I Source an empty array of 500 elements (So I may use one array for my varying lengths of arrays to clear. None of them are greater than 500 elements). My instruction looks like this:


Source: Empty_Array_500[0].Count               (Count is a DINT) (Empty_Array_500 is a UDT[500])

Dest:     StationTag[0].Count                           (Count is a DINT) (StationTag is the same UDT[50] or UDT[32] depending on the station being referenced)

Length: 32 or 50                                                (Depending on the station, the length is 32 or 50 because the array tag for that station only needs so many array elements)


Somehow, after the FLL's for every station tag are completed, there are values left in some of my ".Count" in some of my arrays, but not all of them. I'd really appreciate some input on what I may be doing wrong or what to look out for.



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