connecting 4 cpm2a in one pc

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i have 4 plcs "cpm2a "

i don't find them in cx configurator (because it's an old technology)

there is an other solution to create a rs422 network betwwen the plcs?


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Your case might be similar to my case. but I use CJ1M with RS232 serial port. First thing I did was converting the serial to ethernet using Serial to ethernet converter (in my case it is MOXA 5110A RS232) . After that I connected all Ethernet ports to a switch then one cable from the switch to the PC. Then, configure the Moxa converter itself to allow communication between the PC and the PLC.Then using the nport drive manager software i was able to create a virtual com port that the PLC program (CX-P or CX-S) can recognize.

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